We are a team of technologists, software engineers, and lean healthcare gurus with on-the-ground experience solving operational challenges in clinical environments.

Our Passion

Our mission is to help care providers thrive under the demands of our growing healthcare system. We start each day excited to bring technology, clinical insight and process engineering together to help users perform at their best.

Our Expertise

We bring together a unique combination of academic backgrounds and professional experience. We've built companies, led hospital transformations and worked at some of the biggest tech firms in the world.

Our Method

We move quickly and listen. We always start with our users' needs and ask ourselves how we can help them better serve their patients. We build quickly and let the data speak to our results.

Mudit Garg
Founder, CEO

Ian Christopher
Founder, Engineering

Brent Newhouse
Founder, Customer Success

Pooja Gada

Venkat Mocherla
Director, Marketing

Michael Hsueh

Stanley Quan
Customer Success

Andrew Rider

Steven Liu
Customer Success

Shampa Roy
Customer Success

Dr. Stephen Traub
Clinical Operations

Deepti Reddy
Business Development

Dr. Albert Chan
Advisor, Outpatient Clinical

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